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Best Tips for Fast and Quick Weight Gain

How can you gain weight fast?

fast, healthy and safety program for gain weight:

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Sometimes weight gain for some people is painful as weight loss for others and it's bad to be fat also it's really bad to be skinny whether for men or women.
There is many individuals Do not differentiate gain weight and gain unhealthy weight.
When we speak about weight gain we are meaning healthy KGs we wanna have a fit body without belly fat and waist fat and surely you want to gain weight In a short while you want healthy fast weight gain.
So how to achieve it?
as we said you want healthy weight gain so you must take care of your nutrition you need healthy food to build up a strong body you can't ignore the crucial role of healthy food for fast weight gain so focus on healthy carbs and protein and healthy fat.
Healthy carbs: like rice, Potatoes, Quinoa, Prunes,
Pulses, Pumpkin, Buckwheat, Tart Cherries, Beets there is much more healthy carbs food.
carbs are really helpful for weight gain many of individuals are thinking that the carbs causes the overweight is caused by an excess of calories to energy expenditure, overweight can be due to too many calories from any food over energy expended throughout the day.
We are speaking about gain weight not overweight you should differentiate between the tow, there is a difference between healthy weight gain and unhealthy weight.
So you should take care of carbs for fast weight gain.
Best protein source: we distinguish between two types of protein: vegetarian protein and animal protein.
Let's start with the vegetarian protein it is found in vegetables: Lentils, Chickpeas and Most Varieties of beans, spelled and teff, Green Peas, Amaranth and Quinoa.
Animal protein: milk,eggs,red meat,chicken,fish....etc
Protein play a crucial role for muscle building and fast gain weight Proteins are extremely beneficial substances for the body.
Proteins contain amino acids that burn fat and calories also helps with muscle growth.
you should focus on protein if you want fast weight gain and avoiding unhealthy weight.
Healthy fat:  we distinguish between to kind of fat healthy and unhealthy.
Unhealthy fat like junk food like Hamburger and pizza(fast food)
Healthy fat is good and helpful for the body we can find this kind in Peanuts, Almonds     Generally nuts.
Also olive oil so great you have to add it to your food you will like the taste.

like in weight loss you have to calculate your caloric need because if you eat less then you need, you will lose weight but you wanna gain weight so you should eat more than your daily need, for example, your daily need is 2500 calories you have to eat 3000 per day but not junk food and unhealthy fat.
Obviously for healthy weight gain, you need to eat healthy food.
3-Training program:
Make sure if you want the healthy to gain weight and fit body at the same time you need a program gym to build up your muscle and gain healthy weight also push up and pull up are really significant.
you can do push up and pull up as maximum as you can.
you have To be persistent at the gym to achieve your aim and make sure that you chose the best gym program for you just search on the web and you will find out the best program for healthy weight gain.
4- look after your meals
Eat four time to six-time per day make sure that your meals include all the essential elements( protein,carbs,healthy fat).

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