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What is depression,Types and causes?

Depression, Types, Symptoms.

Do you know depression? what're the symptoms and causes of depression, also the types and treatment of depression. 

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All about depression to save your self:

What is depression

• Depression may be a state of being where an individual tends to feel absolutely empty, anxious and lost. it's rock bottom point on the emotional scale and is marked by a spread of negative feelings like guilt, helplessness, anger, irritability, etc.

• Depression is far quite an extreme mood swing. it's a behavioural disorder, which like all disorder needs treatment. regardless of how happy an individual could also be , if there's depression, it must be treated.

• Depression isn't to be confused with sadness. Sadness is an emotion. little question it's painful and negative, but it's nowhere as serious as depression.

these are the main definition of depression.
Also, depression has bad effects on many conditions:

It should be noted that depression is one of the most common diseases in the world. 

mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment

Depression symptoms  

There are many symptoms of depression, these symptoms of depression would be different among men, women and kids.
So we will explain these symptoms severally:  
    • Men's depression: it should be noted that there are some behaviours distinguish men's behaviour from that of women in depression.
    • -Behavioural disorders: such as irritability, anger, stress, aggressiveness, anxiety.
      -Feeling empty: men feel empty that mean to lose their feelings and emotion due to the depression.
      -lose interest: it should be noted that the majority of men lose their interest in all thing they used to like it.
      -sexual: many of depressed men lose their sexual abilities, some of them absolutely lose their sexual desire.
      -Sleep:  men prone to sleep disorders lack of sleep or more sleep.
      -Physical disorder: fatigue, headache,  joints pain, digestive problems, back pain.
      • Women depression: there are some common symptoms among men and women but there are others just for women. 
        -Behavioural disorders: like irritability, constant anxiety and agitation.
     - Emotional effect: feeling empty, crying without a reason screaming
    - A feeling of unjustified sadness: depressed woman feel sad despite the happy news.
    - Body changes: whether overweight or weight loss.
    - physical disorder: like men, they feel fatigue, digestive problems.
    •  Kids depression: as adults kids also prone to depression and maybe in an earlier age.

      - fast fatigue: they lose their vitality and activity

    mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment

    Types of depression

    1. Major Depression

    This is the foremost commonly known sort of depression. it's also mentioned as Major clinical depression. It is often caused thanks to any major event or maybe a series of smaller events or problems. an individual is diagnosed with major depression if he/she displays symptoms of depression (given below types) for over a fortnight.

    2. Persistent clinical depression

    If an individual has undergone depression for over a period of two years, it's called persistent clinical depression. Although the explanation for depression could also be the same as major depression, for a few reasons the person could also be incapable of overcoming it. Previously PDD was referred to as dysthymia.

    3. bipolar disorder

    Manic depression is more commonly referred to as manic depression. within the case of manic depression, an individual experiences extreme mood swings, starting from unbelievable highs to depressive lows. The person cannot control his behaviour and should take drastic steps.

    Manic depression is one of the foremost serious sorts of depression.

    4. Seasonal major affective disorder

    It is a sort of depression which is seasonal in nature, mostly happens during the winters. people that have seasonal depression, find it difficult to cope with in the lack of bright sunlight. Hence during winter, their depression peaks.

    5. depressive disorder

    People affected by the depressive disorder, have symptoms almost like depression alongside psychotic symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, etc.

    6. Post-Partum Depression

    This is the shape of depression that ladies experience within the period immediately after childbirth. this might happen due to the obviously overwhelming experience, excess attention to the newborn, etc.

    The above-given types are the 6 commonest sorts of depression diagnosed among people. While the impact and therefore the treatment for these sorts of depression may differ, the symptoms are similar for many of them. Listed below are the foremost common symptoms.

    mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment

    Depression causes
    There are many causes of depression they range from  circumstantial to biological, familiarly we will speak about the most common depression causes:

    Biochemical causes: research that uses modern imaging and advanced technique confirms physical changes in the brains of depressing people. it's not known exactly yet what these changes are and their degree of importance but the clarification of this matter will ultimately help define and identify the causes of depression. it is possible that the chemical present in the human brain naturally, called "neurotransmitters" and related to mood, play a role in causing depression. An imbalance of the hormonal balance in the body would also cause depression.

    Genetic factor: some research indicates that depression is more prevalent among people with relatives suffering from depression. researchers are still trying to find involved in causing depression.

    Environmental causes: the environment is considered as a cause of depression that means the difficult living conditions such as the economic problems, the bad environment in work or in school, university.
    mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment

    Depression test
    There is much kind of depression test generally doctors ask the person to fill out a form containing question about life situation and other subjects and issue.
    Through this form, they will be able to determine which kind of depression and the degree of this depression.
    The doctor also can use physical diagnostic.

    Depression treatment  
    Depression could be with medicines Or psychological treatment your doctor will determine the best way according to your depression.
    Life will be so difficult with depression as we have said depression effects are really bad.
    we are going to mention some sort of depression treatment:

     -Physical treatment: the lack of activity and movement might impact on depression inactivity is the path to depression.
    30 minutes workout really helpful to get rid depression you are free to choose the kind of workout walk or cardio training, gym.
    will give you a good feeling sport helps to secret happiness's hormones.

     -Medication: first of all you have to know that every kind has a positive effect and negative effect such as any medicine.
     as we have said these medicines have also negative effects, look out you can not take these medicines without consulting a doctor be cautious.

    -Psychotherapy: speaking with a Psychologist Or a psychotherapist may do the trick because he will give you the best way to deal with bad feelings and how you can control your emotions.
    Sometimes psychotherapy in parallel medication treatment and in conjunction with it.

    -Avoid drugs and alcohol: alcohol and drugs have a negative effect when you take it you feel so happy and forget all problems and feelings. but when the effect is over you will feel worst so you should get away from drugs and alcohol.   

    -Nutrition: nutrition is not a treatment but plays a crucial role, you should take care of your nutrition.
    you should get a huge amount of vitamin and fibres because it helps you to feel active and get rid of the depression laziness.

    Natural depression treatment
    there are some natural ways fro depression treatment:  

      -Sun rays: sun rays are really significant and helpful for the brain it enables the brain to produce more serotonin it is a chemical hormone produced in the body. Serotonin in the brain regulates anxiety, happiness, and mood. Low levels of serotonin have been associated with depression. 

     -vitamins: you have to make sure that you get enough amount of vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamins D vitamin C.
    vitamin c: it helps to overcome fatigue and reduce the cortisol hormone which increases significantly in cases of anxiety this vitamin is found in oranges and kiwis.

    mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment,vitaminC

     -Omega3: it considered one of the ingredients that are prescribed to maintain the mood you can get it through fish and eggs. 

    mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment,omega3

     -Zinc: zinc maintains dopamine and serotonin that mean the maintenance of mood you can get the zinc through banana and beef.

    mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment,zinc

     vitamin B12: studies have shown that a vitamin B12 deficiency might leads to depression. vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in treating many neurological symptoms such as mood swings and memory loss. 
    vitamin B12 is found in cheese and Salamon also sardines and eggs.

    mantel health,healthy life, depression, depression prevention,depression  symptoms,depression causes,depression types, depression treatment,b12


      -Vitamin B6: vitamin B6 is necessary for the production of serotonin and dopamine two of the neurotransmitters in the brain has proven to be related with depression.

    Given that the significance of these vitamins, you should make sure that you get enough amount.

     -Good Nutrition: also nutrition contributes and plays a role in depression issue clean food has proven to be related to mood improve.

    Depression prevention 
    the question is can I protect myself from depression and how?
    generally, there is no determined way to prevent yourself from depression but there are some steps help you to keep yourself away from depression.

     -Healthy food: research has proven that good nutrition could have the good or the bad impact On the human psyche.
    research indicates that the change in the kind of nutrition helps people to get rid of depression.
    Regardless of the effect of nutrition, there are some foods help you to protect yourself from depression:

    -Good sleep: you should get enough amount of sleep to prevent yourself from depression.

    -Practice sports: absolutely there is a strong relation between sport and the mood due to several factors sport helps in the secretion of happiness hormone.
    Sport helps you to distract negative thoughts in which control the mind. It is not an obligation to practise a specific kind of sport for example gym, walking, football, running, MMA, you are free to choose your sport. 

    -build strong relationships: naturally human have relationships and he should build it strongly especially with his friends and family that is preventing him from the feeling of emptiness.
    that helps you to get support during your bad time and you can express your feelings.

    -Stay away from negative people: they have a bad effect on your thinking so make sure that you keep yourself off from this kind of people.
     -Reduce stress: you should control your feelings and emotions always take the positive side don't allow anxiety control you. 

    Bad effects of depression
    Obesity: there is a strong relation between overweight and depression many of individuals lose their fit body during the period of depression because of the ravenous.
    New research has shown that the stressor is directly linked to increased food intake in some people because their eating behaviour is affected.

    Cancer: research has shown that depression increases the risk of death among cancer patients, the research has recommended following the mental stat of cancer patients to try to avoid the effect of depression on their condition.

    Diabetes: depression effects on diabetes patients through many factors the permanent feeling of fatigue.

    Depression is not a simple feeling like happiness or sadness or other feelings there are many symptoms refer to the depression you should take it into consideration, also you should take care of your mental health that helps you to prevent yourself.

    For more information check out:

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