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how to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy ?

Stay fit and healthy while pregnancy

today we will provide you the best ways to stay fit during your pregnancy don't worry you will stay fit.

How can you stay fit during pregnancy?

how to stay fit during pregnancy

Many women are asking this question how I can stay fit during pregnancy, how I can keep my body fit while pregnancy?
Every woman wishes to be a mother and she will be happy, but all women always wanna look fit and slim and all of them know that they will gain weight so if you are searching a way to keep your body fit we will give you the best advice to stay healthy during your pregnancy just keep reading you will find what you like but don't forget to take your doctor's opinion if you want to get on track.

yoga to stay fit during pregnancy


 Many pregnant women ask an immediate question when should I start pregnancy yoga?
first of all, let start talking about the great benefits of yoga for a pregnant woman:
yoga makes your muscles more strength and it helps you to keep your body in permanent relaxing that means your body will stay in the best condition.
Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and calmly interact, it even relaxes because it doesn't focus only on relaxing breathing, but also on physical awareness.
it strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, and extends them, which provides supports and stiffness for pregnancy, as well as increased flexibility.
It will help you to get rid of the stress during pregnancy.
For that you have to start yoga pregnancy.
Now lets us speaking about the best time to start yoga pregnancy the research confirmed that the best time to start yoga pregnancy is during the first trimester it's desirable to do your workout early in the morning.
Thus, attending yoga classes regularly helps the pregnant woman feel active and increases her endurance.

how to stay fit while pregnancy

1-You shouldn't start new activities during your pregnancy:

maybe you will notice swelling in the buttocks and chest don't worry about it and you shouldn't start a new activity or workout to get rid of them because you will not be able to this immediately or in a short phase this swelling will disappear over time don't be confusing.
if you start a new activity you will make your body exhausted and you will get of the track you have to provide with relaxing especially in the last trimester.

stay fit while you are pregnant

3-Eat Extra fresh fruits and vegetables:

as we know fruits and vegetables many vitamins and dietary fiber and a lot of fruits provide our bodies with a lot of water.
fruits and vegetables help pregnant woman through prevent vision problems and maintain blood circulation thus relieving fatigue that all pregnant women complain of it.
Provide the pregnant woman a sufficient amount of folic acid, or vitamin B9, which is one of the essential acids that a pregnant woman's body needs to keep it safe.
it helps the pregnant with reducing the level of blood cholesterol you should to look out on this point during your pregnancy.
it contributes to provide your body and fetus with the elements necessary to boost immunity.
It also provides your body energy that you need it to practice your exercises.
drink more water to stay fit during pregnancy

4-Drink more and more water:

water is really necessary for a pregnant woman we emphasize on this point you should drink more and more water because water helps you to burn fat and get rid of overweight. It renews blood circulation and Maintains skin beauty thus protect your bright skin during pregnancy.
the quantity needed: you should drink water according to your weight every 20KG of weight need 1L.

Tips for drinking all the water you need while pregnant:

Don't wait until you feel thirsty that's means drink more water even you don't feel thirsty this is the essential point if you wanna drink extra water per day.

the organization of drinking time:

for example, you drink every hour one cup of water or, you drink a small bottle of water every two hours.

Find the right temperature:

if you are asking this question how can I drink extra water during a cold day a hot cup of tea will do the trick  it can warm you up on a cold day of winter and your body will find the best temperature we are recommending this way it's

Eat foods contain water:

there are many fruits and vegetable include a high quantity of water like watermelons, lettuce, grape ti provides your body with water.
get enough sleep to stay fit during pregnancy

5-Get enough sleep:

you should take enough time of sleeping 7 hours-9 hours
sleep is highly beneficial for a pregnant woman.
 as it's known that the pregnancy period, in particular, is one of the very stressful periods, and fatigue for the pregnant woman, and that's particularly high in a period the day when the compensation sleep is the compensation for her body for the energy and effort exerted.
 A pregnant woman’s sleep increases the number of energy reserves in her body, thereby giving her a new amount of vitality, energy, and activity that she desperately needs in the next day.
 the growth hormone reaches its highest level during sleep and this is one of the most beneficial things.
as we know lack of sleep causes fatigue, fatigue causes skin sagging so you have to take care of your sleep. 

6-Limit the sugar:

As we know sugar is the enemy of the fit body you should watch it out especially during the second half of your pregnancy.
A recent study has discovered that sugar has a bad impact on your kid's memory.

Don't forget to follow your doctor's instruction because he knows your real situation 

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  2. Really good information, thank you!

  3. Really this is good post. but some pregnant women can not do these 5 things as well as.because they need to earn money to live or they have more children to look after. what do you say such women to protect their pregnancy?