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Best tips for skinny guys to build muscle

How to build muscle for a skinny guy?

Do you have a skinny body? you wanna gain muscle you wanna get rid of thinness so how to build muscle if you are a skinny guy.

The best ways to build muscle for a skinny guy.

If you have a skinny body you are a lucky guy I know you are wondering now how I will be lucky if I have a skinny body.
yeah because the fat body will be greatly affected by the training stages and diet plans. if you have tried to gain weight before and you failed I know it's extremely disappointing and makes you feel really bad.
Don't worry at all today we are going to give you the help we will give you the best tips to build muscle for a skinny guy. 
First of all, let us speak about the causes of thinness:
- non-supply the body with adequate energy that comes through healthy food.
 -Frequent movement and great physical exertion are causing thinness.
- diseases.
-Thinness may be the result of persistent depression
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1-Psychologically preparation:

You should determine your goal and make sure you will reach your aim, yes you can gain muscle you are able. don't think that you will lose like the past times you should be positive permanently nothing can hold you back. 
If you think badly you will not be able to reach your aim and gain muscle the mental side plays a crucial role. So if you wanna gain muscle and get rid thinness you should focus on your aim and make sure that you can do it. throw away all the bad thoughts that can affect on your goal and stop you like that you can avoid the bad impact of these thoughts.
You should trust your self just get ahead don't tur yourself back you are a fighter man. this is your first step in your journey to gain weight.

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2-Eat more calories:

Eat extra calories will help you to gain weight but don't focus only on the quantity the more important is the kind. because you wanna get muscle and have a fit body you don't want to get fat.
Focus on clean natural eat rice, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables avoid unhealthy foods do not turn away from it completely and do not rely on it absolutely. remember you want to gain weight not gain fat now let us about the best way to eat extra calories.
Eat five or six per day: that will help you to obtain more calories 
Use large plates: will help you to provide your body with extra calories.
Avoid snacks: because snacks make your appetite closed.
That was the second piece of advice to gain muscle sp you should take care of your calories it is the clue of weight gain.

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3-Avoid cardio and running exercises:

To maintain the muscle mass you should avoid cardio and running exercises and they have bad impacts on gain weight. you should run tow times a week for 20 minutes in order to avoid burning a huge amount of calories due you need calories to gain weight.
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4- stay away from smoking:

Smoking ruins your body cigarettes reduce the rate of testosterone in your body that is will not be in your interest.
this hormone is really significant for muscle building and weight gain as we have said smoking kills the cells responsible for its secretion.
studies have confirmed that cigarettes stop muscle growth and building.
Smoking makes your appetite closed therefore you can't obtain enough amount of calories that you need to gain weight.
I'm pretty sure you don't want to keep smoking if you wanna gain weight and muscle you have to stop it immediately.
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 5-Enough sleep:

Do you wanna gain weight and build your muscle make sure that you are getting enough sleep at night.while you are asleep your body secretes testosterone, repairing muscles and other tissues.
During sleep, energy consumption is reduced low energy consumption is a biological mechanism for saving resources. we will need many meals daily if we don't get enough sleep per day.
Also, the recharger of brain adenosine is used as a signal to tell the brain that it needs rest. high and low concentrations of adenosine indicate that the brain is actually resting during sleep giving that adenosine secretion reflects brain activity. the rest of the brain has obvious effects on weight gain and muscle building given that mental alertness is required during the day, especially during training.
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6-Gym(workout, training)

 the best way to gain weight and build muscle is by going to the gym due you should workout with weights. you should find your gym program after consulting the coach at the gym because he knows the best program for you.
the best time to practice these weight gain programs is the morning due in the morning you will be active also that time increases the desire to eat after exercising. The goal is to gain weight, which is by exercising and eating food.
If you wanna gain weight ad build your muscle you should to focus on your training it is the clue don't forget that
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7- Eat foods rich in carbohydrates and containing fiber:

as it provides the body with the energy necessary to maintain regular exercises as it promotes muscle growth in addition to helping to increase the number of calories and nutrients consumed during the day, such as whole grains.
Focus on carbs if you wanna gain weight and build muscle.
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 8-Eat more protein:

Protein is one of the most nutrients that help your body gain weight quickly. Following protein diets will help you convert extra calories into muscles.
 Protein-rich foods include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, legumes, nuts, or nutritional supplements such as whey protein.
to increase your weight quickly eat 1.5-2.2 grams of protein for every kilogram of your weight at least. you can increase this percentage to match the calories you added to your diet.

GYM,Workout,Training,proteine,carbs,calories,gain weight,build muscle
Finally, if you want to build muscle and gain weight you should be persistent focus on your workout and diet just keep on going through your gain weight gain and muscle building.

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